Ojai Guide

I’ve taken frequent day/weekend trips to Ojai throughout my entire childhood, but never really came to appreciate the beautiful surrounding landscape and small-town charm…


Exploring Downtown LA

Being native to the Westside of Los Angeles, I haven’t spent much time exploring Downtown, until recently. The bitter-sweetness of gentrification often leads to the loss…



Warpaint is the ultimate girl band. Their sound echoes that of artists from the punk-era – such as Talking Heads and Siouxsie & the Banshees….


Hoot Magazine: Spring Forward

I recently had the opportunity to shoot with the exceptionally talented Esther Jung for Hoot Magazine. After enduring the loooongest winter fathomable, I was thrilled to kick my snow…


Craving Summer: Moodboard

May 6th 2015. My craving for Summer is officially unbearable. I’m constantly dreaming of sunshine, sandy beaches, ice cream and pastel palettes – yet I…


CAP Beauty

“Radiant Hydrating Foundation”, “Lavender-Honey Soothing Lotion”, “Big Beautiful Lashes: Volumizing Mascara”. I cant deny that these products are enticing. I often find myself drawn to…


Paris Guide

This March I was able to wander around Paris for about a week. I am now, if I wasn’t before, absolutely swoon over this city. Needless to…

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Fall 2015 Couture: Color Palettes

While admiring some of my favorite designers’ Fall collections, I found myself drawing parallels between the aesthetic of the designs and locations/art pieces that share a similar color…


Gansevoort Market

Gansevoort Market: a maze of art, flowers, juices, sushi, tacos, pizza, pastries and anything else you can think of. Comparable to Chelsea Market, Gansevoort hosts a…